Interdental spaces occupy approximately the 40% of the tooth surface but more than the 80% of the tooth and gum diseases come from them.

PikDent can be used regularly on normal or inflamed gums.

Why do you have to use PikDent?

Pikdent Interdental Brushes allow you to remove plaque and residual food from the interdental spaces, that are the places where the traditional toothbrush cannot brush.

With PikDent the plaque removal is even more effective then with the dental floss, because the different dimensions of the Pikdent brushes can fit every type of interdental space.

It 'important to choose the right sizes of PikDent for you, in fact it’s recommended to buy the assorted pack first (Try&Find), which contains all diameters and lengths of the brush. In this way you can find the right size for you.



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